Sunflower LEAD’s principles.

Our LEAD principles are the guiding force behind all of programming; we are building LEADers through the active cultivation of Love, Education, Action and Discipline. Everyday, we challenge our Fellows to demonstrate our LEAD principles through their actions towards themselves, and one another.
Literacy as leadership and a form of justice is at the core of our programming. Free literacy is not simply the ability to read and write fluently, but the ability to freely express oneself through reading, writing, discussion and arts. While there are many literate youth in the world, there are few who are truly freely literate; whose voices are heard, whose opinions and beliefs are listened to and taken into account, and who have the ability to fully express themselves and be who they want to be.
Sunflower Leadership is dedicated to creating a fully literate world at peace through the education, and igniting the leadership potential, of young women around the world. Through recognizing the potential in all young women;

Our LEAD Principle

We build lasting, meaningful relationships with our students, and challenge them to show love towards themselves and one another. Love for one another, and our community, is the basis for all of our work; we love our students, and believe that they deserve the same educational opportunities as any other child.
We build up our students’ academic abilities while challenging them, we believe that rigor is essential to building critical thinkers and leaders. We know that genuine academic achievement coupled with true learning and critical thinking will create opportunities for our students in the future.
We cultivate students who are willing to stand up for what is right. Our Sunflower Fellows are students today, leaders and activists tomorrow. We believe that individual achievement without social responsibility is a tragic waste of potential.
We emphasize personal responsibility, integrity, and self-discipline because developing strong character is essential to leadership.