About Sunflower

Sunflower honors the work of global activists who have dedicated their lives to building a better world for all of us. An unlikely partnership between two women from different worlds- Rukia Sebit of Kibera, Kenya, and Gianna Biaggi of Boyes Hot Springs, California planted Sunflower. It is in the spirit of activism, challenging the status quo, and building a world where all children are loved and valued, that Sunflower was born.

Gianna Biaggi spent the fall of her junior studying abroad in Nairobi, Kenya. There, she met and tutored a young boy who was completely illiterate, but who showed incredible promise as a leader, exhibiting great self-discipline in learning how to read.

Meanwhile, Rukia Sebit went back to school to pursue her education. She met Gianna Biaggi, and together they took action, creating the model that Sunflower uses to grow leaders together. With love for the community, and in support of low-performing students with great potential to influence their community and the world, Sunflower blossomed. Today, Rukia Sebit and Gianna Biaggi are the co-founders of Sunflower, and are committed to building a world where students that are risk-takers, rule breakers and rebels are rewarded and supported.